MODIA, a manufacturing engineering company, specializes in two main fields:

Assembly and production automation
We design, build and deliver tailor-made production automation elements, such as workstations and lines to streamline the assembly and inspection of a product, its production and handling. We help our customers optimize production, increase productivity and save costs (especially those related to labour and poor quality) using innovative solutions and modern technologies.

CNC production of precision parts and tool production
We will provide you with the production, machining and CNC machining of your parts and subassemblies on our machines. We specialize in job and small batch custom production. We focus on parts with higher precision and production of parts for assembly machines, process cutting tools and plastic injection moulds.
We have a certified quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

The intention of MODIA is the satisfaction of existing and future customers with an emphasis on quality and logistics.