Single purpose machines

Single purpose machines can be fully automatic or with one or more operators. Single purpose machines focus on the implementation of operations on a particular part or set so as to execute these operations in the shortest possible time and in the best quality. Single purpose machines can be independent or combined into production lines.

We design, manufacture and supply single purpose machines, equipment and devices for dedicated production and control operations.

Complexity range of single purpose machines and equipment:

  • Portable desktop devices and equipment
  • Mobile products and equipment, that can be moved to, for example, a corresponding  injection machine
  • Single purpose machines and equipment for a particular product
  • Single purpose machines and equipment adjustable for particular product group
  • Quick-adjusting single purpose machines and equipment with interchangeable work tops for a group of similar products (that can be easily expanded by new products)

Usage of our single purpose machines (only few examples are listed here):

  • Finishing operations (shearing runners, shearing connecting bridges, cutting off insulation etc.)
  • Specific control and testing (leak control, function control, etc.)
  • Sorting and packing of products

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