Transfer line for toilet brushes for Spojené kartáčovny

We were approached by Spokar with the task of making their existing production more effective (to reduce the number of operators) for their current production of toilet sets delivered to the IKEA Group.

Modia carried out a complete analysis of the existing production technology in the brush factories and with the support of the brush factories technical personnel prepared and implemented the project called "Transfer"


  • Designed and supplied a horizontal and vertical transfer system securing smooth removal of components from hammering machines, with a consequent implementation of the steps listed below
  • Carried out orientation of components in horizontal transfer for the toilet brush component
  • Designed and supplied a semi-automatic container of toilet brush holder components with an automatic removal and placement into the assembly machine
  • Designed and supplied a semi-automatic container with divider of the toilet brush component with an automatic entry to camera control and subsequent shift to jointer
  • Designed and supplied a unique equipment for camera control of complete head fit with nylon fibres - the toilet brush component

Designed and supplied software control for complete transfer line including programming and controlling of transfer sub-groups