Control Camera System

Modia supplies control camera workplaces and machine vision equipment Control camera system has become an integral and indispensable part of production lines and production and assembly facilities. Today, it is no longer possible to supply a facility while saying that control will be carried out through operator's eyes. The human eye is no longer enough to meet the ever increasing pressure on the quality and control of parts,  it is not capable of measuring.

Control camera systems, which we supply, not only control the essentials such as colour, completeness, deformation, number of pieces, but they are also capable of measuring the component-part in a given field not only in linear dimensions, but also in geometric shapes and toleranced dimensions.

Just to list some of the equipment:


  • Colour control for Gumotex

  • Polyamide fibres control for Spokar Brush Factories

  • Control of flatness of connector contacts for Tesla

  • Control of dimensions and surface defects of rolling contact tools for Stuecken

  • Weld identification for Velos

  • Control of joint dimensions on an assembled part of drink holder for Inotech

  • Orientation of parts using a camera set for the head part of Spray before nozzle assembly for Inotech