Assembly Carousel for TRW

In order to streamline the economy of production, connect several successive operations, reduce the labour required and the number of operators and reduce the manufacturing space we supplied a carousel for TRW, our customer, with the characteristics as follows:

  • The carousel was fitted with individual assembly stations, which execute: 
  • Automatic seizure of components with the subsequent placement of the parts into carousel beds
  • Placement of air conditioning grid into carousel bed
  • Placement of 2 lathes into the grid part
  • Placement of 2 flaps into grid and to lathes
  • Vacuum leak and valve functionality check and camera part control
  • Removal of the parts onto the conveyor transporting them to the operator for the final packaging
  • The carousel is equipped with tanks, which the operator fills or, where appropriate, inserts with partial component with a 30-60 minute reserve
  • End customer is PCM, cycle of 3s per piece