Assembly carousel for Spojené kartáčovny

In order to streamline the economy of production, connect several successive operations, reduce the labour required and the number of operators and reduce the manufacturing space we supplied a carousel for Spokar, our customer, with the characteristics as follows:

  • The carousel was fitted with individual assembly stations, which:

  • Put a sticker with bar code on the brush body for the "bottle brush" set

  • Heat up the first end of the brush body spiral wire

  • Push oriented handles against the heated spiral wire

  • Bend the opposite end of the brush spiral wire by 180 degrees

  • Lay aside the final part to the operator and subsequent packing into boxes

  • The carousel is equipped with tanks, which the operator fills or, where appropriate, inserts with partial component with a 30-60 minute reserve

  • End customer: Chain stores Carousel cycle 20 pieces/min For 4 types of brushes