Do You run high production costs?

High production costs are mostly caused by losses in production, usually:

  • Operational losses due to reconstruction of machines -changes in production
  • Losses of capacity due to long production cycle
  • Poor-quality production 
  • Inaccuracy of production and a large proportion of the human factor

We will prepare a solution that will allow you to

Manufacture several product types on a single machine without the need to adjust the machine. We will deliver a multi-position carousel or we will design a machine with programmable ring placement. Where appropriate, we will adjust your existing device.

To remove losses of capacity, we will add a robotic arm to your production or assembly facility, which will increase efficiency of the production cycle and stabilize the whole process. Similarly, for simple and repetitive tasks we will deliver three-axis robots replacing seated operators that are an indispensable part of single purpose devices.

Implementation of robotic and automating elements in production stabilizes the economy and performance of production. You will eliminate random and serial occurrence of defective parts and the non-compliance with or violations of technological processes. Scrap will be reduced to a minimum.

Downtime is usually caused by a large number of operators in production. This fact is in itself a source of losses and a reduction in efficiency. Also, operators often don't want to admit problems arising in their workplace. Honesty and diligence of operators greatly affects the economy of production in this way.