Do you need an injection mould?

Moulds for processing must withstand high pressures, provide products of precise dimensions, allow for an easy removal of the product and must operate automatically throughout their lifetime. Their design and production is demanding, regarding both professional experience as well as financial costs. Choice of mould material depends on the type of processed plastic, the technology used, the size of the product and its complexity, the size of the series, the thermal resistance and the resistance to wear and corrosion, price, etc. An important factor in the life time of the mould is the thermal processing of shaped parts of the tool. Another important task in the construction of moulds is determining the dimensions and manufacturing tolerances of shaped parts. The characteristics critical for the determination and calculation of these dimensions are shrinkage, tolerance of the individual dimensions of the moulding and the wear and tear of active parts of the tool. Most important, however, is the shrinkage of the processed part.

By design, injection moulds are varied and can be divided into the following groups: for single and multiple use according to multiplicity; depending on the way of mould making and design solution as two-plate, three-plate moulds, multiple-stage, jaw, jigger, etc.; according to the design of the injection machine they can be divided into injection perpendicular to the separating plane and on moulds of injection into a separating plane.

Injection mould consists of parts defining the shape of the mould cavity, cooling (temperature control) system, runner system, ejector system, and clamping and guiding elements. Separate parts of the injection moulds can be divided into two groups: structural and functional parts.  Structural parts ensure correct operation of the machine, while functional parts border the moulded material and provide it with the desired shape.  We offer complete services to our customers in designing concepts of moulds including development and innovation. In the process ranging from stating your requirements, through preparing the production to final production of the mould. We manufacture tools for injection moulding of thermoplastics in our own tool factory. We use our own technology, which substantially reduces the cost of mould production.

We use Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® to design the mould concept. It provides simulation tools for the design of plastic parts, injection moulds and plastic injection moulding process, enable anticipating and verifying the behaviour of a plastic part or mould prior to start of production.

We offer our customers complete services from product development, prototype production, and design of the injection mould, mould production and sampling.