Do you need to improve quality of your products?

Proper documentation of all processes involved in the production is a prerequisite of quality of production and technology, with the simple aim to describe what is done and how. The quality of production can be upheld only through high-quality and reliable automation. We will propose and deliver the automation of individual production and assembly operations in order to eliminate errors caused by the human factor.

We will analyze individual operations and work with you to evaluate potential risks where poor-quality aspects may occur.  Based on this information we will deliver partial checking device to you so as to cover the described high-risk points with elements controlling quality of executed operations. We will also deliver to you equipment, which will execute final control of components, or functional test where appropriate. The equipment will be accompanied by software that will record and evaluate the testing. Then, these data will be the source for a rapid elimination of defects and identification of causes of poor-quality production.


We will design and add to your existing installations elements of Poka-Yoke techniques of preventing human error in the workplace.

Mechanical means are the most effective. These will be designed to prevent defects directly at the point of occurrence. The means to detect defects and immediately stop operations belong among the valuable parts of the process to reduce defects.

The means can be simple and inexpensive, such as a locking pin in the founding product or end switch signalling the correct positioning of a workpiece. These means do not aim at eliminating the needs of specific job skills. Others, such as a counter or alarm indicating a defect, alert the competent worker to remove the incompatible piece and move it to the scrap area. Using a sensor, the presence of defective parts will be detected here, and only then the next working cycle will be run.

Almost all errors can be prevented. It is necessary to identify when, where and why errors arise. Subsequently, it is necessary to take a decision, a suitable way how to prevent them. Almost all defects are caused by staff errors (operators).