Do You have a large proportion of human labour?

Using our automated machines and devices we will present a proposal to you based on the cost balance, as to how to reduce or remove this proportion altogether.

If your production falls within the category with a high proportion of human labour and you do not know how to reduce the high proportion of operators in the production of your product, we will prepare a tailor-made solution for you. Based on the specifications of your manufacturing process, we will design and produce devices with varying degrees of automation according to the character of your production.

We will prepare for you:

  • Semi-automatic machines, which require only one human operator for placing - variably removing - semi-finished products.
  • Automatic assembly lines with large reservoirs, where semi-finished products can be refilled by one employee who can then operate more production lines
  • Unattended robotic workstation where several separate operations are executed by a 6-axis robot
  • Smart shearing machines and manipulators
  • We will design and deliver testers as well as comprehensive monitoring workplaces

We will provide you with our know-how and you will use it in all places where fully automated production is required